Throughout the site, you’ll find the following safety advice designed to act as a guide to the safe operation of our hire equipment. These suggestions are considered to be minimum precautions and it is the customer’s responsibility to assess and provide safety equipment necessary in each case.

Eye Protection

-Grade 1 and Grade 2 Goggles to EN166.B, providing all-round protection, the latter for less hazardous situations.

Safety Footwear

-For essential toe protection, specific reinforced footwear designed to BSEN345 is recommended.

Breathing Mask

-Three types of mask offering protection against dust, water-based sprays, welding fumes, ozone and nuisance level odours. Ask for details.

Protective Gloves

-A variety of gauntlets, PVC, cotton and rigger gloves, recommended providing essential hand protection.

Ear Defenders

-This symbol suggests the wearing of earplugs for short term use, and more durable ear defenders to guard against more oppressive noise levels.

Safety Helmets

-Standard helmets and bump caps are required where protection against falling objects and overhead obstructions is compulsory on site.

Working at Height regulations

The working at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005 amended 2007, defines working at height as ‘work in any place at or below ground level where a person could be injured if they fell from that place’. All employers, employees, self-employed and any one who controls the work of others all have duties of care under the regulations including, preventing falls where work at height cannot be avoided. The overriding principle of the WAHR is that you must do all that is practicable to prevent anyone from falling from a height.

Users of working at height equipment which includes aluminium towers also have a duty of care, they must always read, understand and follow any method statement and manufacturers instruction for the product they are using, they must never attempt unsafe activities because they have seen others do so and they must not attempt working at height unless they are prevented from risk of falling.

Reasons to Hire from HAE Members

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As a member of the HAE Alliance Tool Hire provide the highest quality tools and equipment and a safe, reliable service. If you hire from a HAE member you can be assured you are hiring from a business who:-

- adhere to the highest standards of customer service and best practice

- adhere to our Code of Conduct

- is committed to staff training and ongoing development

- provide a green and sustainable alternative to buying

- often have hire specific insurance and damage waiver options available

- is part of a national support network and can provide access to an independent arbitrator in the unlikely event that things go wrong. A safety net.